& some color to your shoes

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& avocado, round – 75 cm 

Individual expression

With Ampersand laces, you can completely change the look of your shoes or boots, no matter if you are going for high street casual or sophisticated stylish.

Our range of laces consists of 20 carefully selected colors, which allows you to go just as tone-in-tone, or make a distinct contrast, with just about any pair of shoes.

Flat laces

Our sneaker laces are 4 mm wide, double waxed cotton laces that comes crowned with silver tips. 120 cm laces that suits shoes with 6-10 eyelets with a min. 3,5 mm ⌀.

Check out two bestsellers; & blueberry and & chives

Round laces

3 mm double waxed cotton laces of the highest quality that comes  crowned with metal tips in gold, silver or brass. All round laces comes in both 75 cm and 120 cm, suitable för 2-5, and 6-10 eyelets with a min. 3,5 mm ⌀.

Check out two favorites; & licorice and & wild salmon

Round laces, plastic

Same great quality, less bling-bling. Our plastic tip range is either 75 cm or 120 cm suitable for eyelets with a min. 2,5 mm ⌀

Check out two bestsellers; & milk chocolate and & orange